Umbrella Stands

Green ganga white plumed Lotus buds flower
In this city’s smokeless zone.

Windblown fox trot waltz
High in this Wurlitzer dusk

Like the late arrival of the Bute swan celebrating
25th anniversary shaky weather beaten touchdown
From Siberian winter wasteland flight.

Outspread white fragile feathers alight on
Ice smooth Severn estuary ripples
Safe arrival at grazing ground sanctuary
The completed circle guided by star bright moonlight
Cross referenced with an on-line dialogue
With the feisty astronomer Patrick Moore
And a hard back signed first edition of
‘A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’

Down in subterranean concrete underpass
Silhouetted stranger in neon dusk
Battling with unfurled butterfly winged
Blue and gold stripe golf club umbrella
Walking out of the subway
Dancing with this artic wind
Serenaded by magic roundabout orchestrated traffic
Transcribed to an unpublished
Never heard before
Be bop charley parker miles davis musical score
White winged silk cut parachute canopy swaying
To these unclaimed melodies.

Poem Extracts

"Mescaline sunrise ushered in by Phadreus.
Seated in a glistening fiery golden chariot
Pulled by white steel elongated swan neck
Thunder hoof feather cap horses."

Visions of Albion