Sonic Crimes

The Lanquitors

Voices from the social exclusion zone.

Rupert Hopkins: Voice.
Fred Maintenant: Keyboard.
Richard Lea: Electric Guitar.
Dave Mordecai: Tenor Saxaphone.

Lanquitors Sonic Crimes by Rupert Hopkins

Download Lanquitors Part 1 - (R.Hopkins, F.Maintenant, D.Mordecai, R.Lea)

Download Lanquitors Part2 - (R.Hopkins, F.Maintenant, D.Mordecai, R.Lea)

Download Lanquitors Part 3 - (R.Hopkins, F.Maintenant)

Download Lanquitors Part 4 - (R.Hopkins, R.Lea)

Download Lanquitors - Dreams of Flying - (R.Hopkins, F.Maintenant, D.Mordecai, R.Lea

Poem Extracts

"Yet blankly stare at this empty glass.
Watch wide eye yellow full moon vanish in the cloud
As the sun cocooned in that cosmic void
Searches for that solitary sunflower
Stranded in that vast ocean of life
Seeks out fresh pastures and galaxies
Happy to brush against spinning hand carved Buddhist wheels of life."

All The Way From Japan