Rainbow plunges jagged jewel teeth
Its golden bough tastes and samples
The last death-rattle gasps
Of the storm brewed black cloud.

The ragged raging surfed Atlantic ocean
Reaching the last rasped shingle resting place
On the black and white plumage
Red bill
Oyster Catcher emerald isle beach,
In the wild desolate wind swept
Horse shoed Trallee Bay.

 Blurred ripple of shore larks.
Static imperial early morning
Pale grayish blue early morning heron
Statuesque beside the silent, still,
Stasis, static, green slimed,
Squelching slippery seaweed rock pool.
Reflections of turbulent priest sky
Caught in a quivering butterfly net’s
Watchful and wary third eye.

Moist operatic aria sand etched wind
Paints distilled patterns
Shaping and carving abstract mosaics on the
Sweeping and shifting sands.
Captured in the distorted camera lens
Within the isolation of the desert shore.
Lazy, sultry, heavy disturbed wing beats
As the seaweed surf
Spins story telling mantra
Hypnotic whirl pooled eddies.

Chasing virtual synthetic
5 talon dragon rainbow.
Photographing wild rose
Capturing blossoming
Soft petal tinted
Hard nosed clouds.
Embracing heather studded
Black and purple brown green tinged
Sunken peat grass wild bog mountainside.

At the wild straw
Fairy like
Kalaidesopic beauty
And madness
Playing mind games
With lost and ravaged souls.

Poem Extracts

"Listens to the city sounds and inhales the
Jerk chicken and salt fish and charcoal smells
Of carnival."

Ode to a Jay off Grosvenor Road