The Profile of Rupert Hopkins

Rupert is primarily a jazz poet in the beat tradition, working at the cutting edge of modern urban poetry, he draws on personal, political, and dream images. He writes from the imagination - just allows the muse to strike - writes in bursts, reflections of what he sees, and thoughts that crop up into his head. He regularly uses photography and music to illustrate his works, creating a multi-media effect. Many of his performances worldwide incorporate jazz and dance to accompany his readings. He is also an author of books on the peace movement.

Over the years he has organized a number of international poetry and multi-cultural events in Bristol, his home town. He regularly travels to the USA to perform poetry, regarded as a regular performer at the Austin International Poetry Festival. As a poet and photographer he has travelled widely, through 5 continents. He has exhibited his photography at a number of venues and as a fund raiser has been involved in a number of community based initiatives such as helping to set up Biashara - a fair trade co-operative.


  • Salisbury College of Art, Diploma in Photography
  • University of West of England, BA Hon's in Humanities, Dissertation: The influences of Buddism on the writings of Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder.
  • Bath University, Studied PGCE in English & Media Studies
  • Kingston University, MA in Culture & Literature, Dissertation: The irish writer Walter Macken.


  • Peace Books, The idea for the books came to me whilst on a CND rally in London when I heard one of the Greenham women speak. A year or so later I ended up at Greenham with my camera and one of the photographs I took was used in the Guardian and I started to submit images to the Southwest CND magazine called Radiator. The books sold throughout the UK and was taken by a New York bookshop and orders came in from as far a field as Australia.
  • Poetry Chapbooks
    • Rainbow Roots
    • Sonnet Crimes
    • Taos Poems
  • Book Contributor
    • City: Bristol Today in Poems and Pictures

Poems and music performances

Photographic Exhibitions

  • Salisbury Art Centre
  • Amesbury County Library - Mixed Media Exhibition
  • Bath
  • Edinburgh Fringe - Seeds Cafe
  • Bristol - Bristol Wildscreen Festival
  • Bristol - @Bristol

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Blue Sax Rupert Hopkins

Book for Sale

"Peace Snapped"

Rupert has for sale a limited number of signed copies of his book Please email Rupert to Purchase your copy.
15.00 + pp

Poem Extracts

At the wild straw
Fairy like
Kalaidesopic beauty
And madness
Playing mind games
With lost and ravaged souls."