Deep Well

The dusty mirage of caravan train swaying on a magic carpet of cheerful emerald green hook nosed parrots.
Flocks of locust bursting into bloom throwing up red sand dust clouds in this arid gold shrub land desert heat.
The hirsute black tentacle golden orb spider content in it’s bird trap three dimensional diamond web.
Trusses up shocked victims in the dry heat of the late afternoon sun.
                              Ruminate on the distant dreamtime lizard hills.

Deep Well
Digs into pounding vein
Dig deep
Tunnel into a gloomy children’s playground
Dive deep freestyle into the earth’s bowels.
Reawaken pale ghost like Alice in Wonderland fleet of foot images.

Deep Well
Primeval voyage through non-existence.
Deep Well
Providing comfort and succor for tired dehydrated nomadic wanderers following ancient and lonesome mythical trails.
Virgin white ghostly gum trees ablaze.
Dusk rapidly approaching
Cutting off all escape routes.
Flocks of indigenous evocative wildly colored birds
Roost amongst the gum tree’s forked luminous branches
Choreographing  the wilderness  with exotic song and dance movements.

Deep Well
Children laughing, joking and fearless
Lithely conquer and scale leaden cavernous depths.
Pebbles cascade penetrating the dank damp under core.
Watery echoes are released from the bubbling ferment.
Loose pebbles pierce the brittle surface.
Ripples are released from this gloom ridden Orphic underworld.


The ruined stone brick one storey house
Slowly crumbling
Slowly dissolving
Slowly been absorbed
Reclaimed by this hostile red desert environment
Swept up in nature’s invisible savage claws.
The unfenced archway entrance to Deep Well with its
Untamed graffiti scrawled on the sprawling stone masonry.
Initials of soldiers rail roaded off to war,
Of passing travelers
Of lost tourists wanting to make their mark.

Telegraph wires
Telegraph posts
Sign posts for hardened warriors heading north or south.

Yellow ribbon white cockatoos drunk on nectar
Spin acrobatic Olympic gold medal displays.
Dangle precariously on fragile humming hire wires.
Spin erratically in the blinding rays of a rising sun.
A flock of tired and exhausted disorientated pelicans glide into Deep Well oasis.  Rest from their hazardous flight, recharge exhausted batteries before taking off again realigned to their chosen flight path.

Red dance flame tossed battle of the giants dragon sunset melts into acid tab bleached cloud formation.  The spreading thick oil paint slick embraces with wide open arms a colossal Turneresque panorama tossed into a bedraggled storm of blistering thorny scrubland, cracked and parched arid red gold dust bursting with bird song disharmony.

Cradled in spitfire wing flight lullaby and song and dance honey eaters reenact crackling black and white war time movie clips of the battle of Britain.

Alone in this emptiness.
Taping the silence.
Listening to dreamtime chants.
Follow the prizing opening of song lines by walkabout aborigines

Reclaiming their past
Reclaiming their lost lands
Reclaiming the future
Reclaiming their shattered dignity
Reclaiming their strength
Reclaiming their identity.

Caught up in the intricate threads of succulent candy floss spider web.
Pop corn crunch of dull matt muffled footstep on volcanic ash.
Spread out in gyroscope geometrics in this brutalized water melon meteorite river bed.
Armies of minute black ants, the worm of the desert, disciplined,
Moving in battalion strength,
Constantly on the move,
Foraging along well worn tracks,
Harvesting copious amounts of dragon fly,
Scorpion, moth and other weird and wonderful creatures.

Deep Well
White heavy duty plastic picnic chair meditation.
Hemmed in by the constant hum of the rattling generator.
Southern night sky awash with high tide Milky Way.
Carress the Southern Cross in my burnt out fig picking hands.
Catch the drift of a satellite transcending constellations.
The picnic chair creaks.
A sandaled foot scratch marks concrete patio.
An owl hoots in the distant.

A Tawny Frogmouth ploughs into an aluminum car fender.
Is left discarded in a feathered heap beside the dirt road.
The driver takes a penultimate swig of the plastic wine vat before throwing the carton from the broken Buick window.

A praying mantis takes shelter from the storm. Catches the last moments of a B movie video.  A white scorpion scurries across the recently brushed kitchen floor.  All the red back spiders have retreated from Miss Haversham’s room.  Reap a wicked harvest from their high ceiling webs which hang like fishing nets.  Ripening date palms silhouetted by the rising crescent shaped moon.  Semi wild turkeys roost on the garage roof after returning from a 2 day trek in the outback.  Greeted by a love struck guinea fowl on return.  Grass hoppers and crickets compose post modern symphonies, conduct operatic choruses in the high grass savannah. In the sharp afternoon breeze a lone dingo saunters across the empty tire meshed track.  A kangaroo sleeps in the shadow of the bush.  Black tailed falcon swoops on a rabbit carcass.  Crushed beer cans and hastily consumed wine crates leave blank lost weekend trails along the rough and ready red dust highway.  Icons of the dispossessed stranded in the entrails of a wrecked time machine.  Unable to reclaim their old ways or control the future.

Deep Well
The raw track takes shape,
Fresh wooden sleepers laid down.
Wrought iron tracks welded securely into place.
Silver lining slowly unfurled
Sweet papers finally unwrapped
Rail sidings built at Deep Well
water tower erected
Station house with broad skittle playing verandah built.

The weekly camel train from Adelaide to Alice Springs was discarded into the annals of history.  Transformed into out back myth.  Now only wild camels carry these past memories as they stroll across empty tarmac roads at sunrise.



Poem Extracts

"Catching a glint of the suspension bridge
As commuters crawl in slow procession
Towards blue glass city centre office block."

Peregrine Falcon