Rio De Catorce

Skate with angel crop dusters
Breathe in ripened blossom of
Texas Spring wild flower bouquets,
Listen to poetry spoken in many tongues.

Caged bird croons to drifting stars
3 am in this closeted morning a dog howls
Count the church clock chimes of mountain pilgrimage shrine
Cross legged at 4 am in Mexican zen lotus position.

Cacti stone line carvings have the aura of
Bleak Blackpool Tower illuminations
Straddling desert craggy mountainside,
Rattlesnake vibrations of a woodpecker
Drilling into flaked and parched Joshua Tree
Causes the walker’s heart to miss a beat and to
Briefly retreat,
Perch on a stone
Bask in this setting sun death rattle.

Listen to

Listen to the wind
Weave feather boas
Trailed alongside turquoise crimson streaked abyss.

Swallows laugh away thin silk cobwebs
Which litter this mountain path,
Peyote god play trickster myths
With my unsettled mind
Laughing in my face
As I delicately pull
Cacti spindles from delicate bleached skin.


Listen to the angels

Who fill empty tongue tied church
With madrigal haunting chants.

Young child clutches warm swaddling breast
Ragged bare foot children
Pirouette on Spanish empire polished wooden floor
Oblivious to the carved Madonna
Smiling down at this ragamuffin choir of angels.

Red Tail Kite’s threatening cry
Following my solitary uphill struggle presence
With hawk eye camera obscura  awareness,
Watches my slow climb of tight lip
Rocky mountain trail.

War torn eagle feather
Rents the battlefield sky apart
With blood curdling soaked cries.
Rugged plains act like pink school blotting paper
To soak up the pain and anguish
Strewn amidst steep incline
Flowered cacti riddled slopes
Buried in the valley of lost souls.

Walk above measured ethereal swoop of eagle
Peer through opaque transparent wing flight
Cutting like a scythe in this
Dry wasteland home to peyote gods,
Joshua Trees, cacti flower shows in bloom and
Dysfunctional and discarded silver mines.

Etchings on a rock face
Inked tattoo of red button flies
This melting tundra and
Molten volcanic visions
Burn deep into my sulphur soul.
There are no sign posts to reorientate
These forgotten stranded shadows
Who reach out for vanished equilibriums.

Sun dust street reverberate to
Man child beating out fossilized rhythms
In ragged harmony with
Accordion snake skin waist coat
Mexican cowboy vocals.

Pitted well worn pavement
Sprinkled with a fragile carpet
Of soft silk tissue
Purple haze lilac blossom.

She stands alone
On plaza balcony
Sleek black babbling brook hair
Reflecting vanishing sunrise
Observes early morning vendors
Setting up daily grind market stalls.
I gaze up
And capture that vibrant moment.

Sample early morning mass
Transmitted through crackling speakers
Placed precariously on the church steps.
Absorb bustling street sounds and
Freshly baked pungent aromas of
An awakening Mexico.

To speak with a new voice
To relearn
To renew that
Seemingly vanished presence
To re-engage with life’s essence
To learn to love again.


Fail to capture with my Nikon automatic
The ponderous, slow motion
All seeing flight of the eagle
Deeply ingrained
Cavernous inner wing
Coated with regal buff
Serrated outer core
Still, harsh quill feathers.

Barking ravenous stray dogs
Sever chasmic silver mine slumber chords,
Broken up by the joyful bray of the prodigal donkey
Emerging from the gloom of the mine shaft.
Awakes the sleepy ghost town with its
Daily ritual of arrival and celebration.

7 am looped church bell chimes
Heralds in fresh cacti flower day
In high altitude pale thin air town.

Termites burrow deep to escape sharp beaked
Rattle snake drum score of mountain woodpecker.
Pigeons swoop down on empty car park tarmac
Love feather thoughts engulf expansive
Grey-silver-blue sea of fluttering ribbons.

Lovers quietly embrace
Lean against smooth rock face
Contemplate sealed lip closeness
And silver lines of affection.

Mushroom cloud
Bleached playful
Mythical figurines
Cinematic visions
Beacon of hope
Gilded stainglass window of the
Elongated stranded lighthouse
Watches the awesome flight of
Flocks of migratory birds
Aztec gods
Revelations with in the
Green dragon eye’s furnace
Spirit world of unseen gods
Martian ripples
Scattered beach pebbles
Cast long shadows beside striped beach
Musical northern lights
Ecstatic note
Deck chairs
Filtering through the solar sound system
Breaking waves over filibuster
Dark onerous fleece clouds
Smell of rain in expectant nostrils
Smell of rain on over polished
Air brushed taxi queue
Proud taxi owners languidly leaning against
Low strung breeze block plastered wall
Overshadowed by Mars in this night sky.

Watch southern highway
Heavy duty transport
Dissect this vast continent
From north to south.

Shadow boxing
Hidden tight knar led fists
In this fiery undercurrent
Spill out on to
This dark Mexican
Wetback sidewalk.
Skate boards skim
Purplish tinted
Dusky silhouette
 Mountain range


Blackbirds rush home to roost
On lilac blossom trees
Tucked in neat plazas
Love dance on
Sunset surf wing flight.



Poem Extracts

Like the late arrival of the Bute swan celebrating
25th anniversary shaky weather beaten touchdown
From Siberian winter wasteland flight."

Umbella Stands