Ode To A Jay Off Grosvenor Road

Punk-blue paraffin pink jay
Nests in the woody green off Grosvenor Road.
Listens to the city sounds and inhales the
Jerk chicken and salt fish and charcoal smells
Of carnival.  Dances on roots rock steady
Wing flight to the sweeping sand castle rhythms of drum and bass
And hip-hop culture.  Swoops over competing clash of
Merry making, purple smooth gloss lipstick, silver sequined,
Black, green and gold dust sound system crew.

Her chicks, laid back in manger nest,
No room for the blues,
Groove to dove tailed rooted trip hop
City slick street wise beats,
Enjoy ska sunstroke rain drizzle heat,
Grow natty dreads
Deck out and check out in amber braided
Dread lock dead lock extensions
And mean ugly Rayban ice cool sunglasses
Party at Ajax’s alleyway blues
Till redstripe dawn mingles with the rising sun.


Poem Extracts

"Yet blankly stare at this empty glass.
Watch wide eye yellow full moon vanish in the cloud
As the sun cocooned in that cosmic void
Searches for that solitary sunflower
Stranded in that vast ocean of life
Seeks out fresh pastures and galaxies
Happy to brush against spinning hand carved Buddhist wheels of life."

All The Way From Japan