Indian Lake Near Temple, Texas

Turtles sun bathe
Spread eagled across
Moss branches arising
From hidden Indian sacred spring.

Green red mouth lizard
Smoothly slides up
Crusted red ribbed pine.

Submerged its lithe subtle sponge
Body in crown green foliage
Hidden in the quiet of ancient worlds,
Of hidden voices speaking
Diverse and different histories.

Fuzz Bucket enthroned in chaos
Of cluttered, canned soup-ed
Pine picnic table
Weaves a dream catcher
From unpolished twisted vine.

Recalls in alcohol brewed Louisiana Cajun French patois
Time spent in Vietnam with the search and rescue medical core.
Hallucinatory memories of mundane sentry duty
Strutting high wire circus bamboo watch towers
Smoking strong weed
Laughing like a hyena
In calm Vietnam night.


Witness to the carnage
But still proud to be an American
Proud of his role in the Vietnam War.

Fuzz Bucket recalls how this lake once embraced
Sacred healing Indian spring

Now blocked

Where the native American tribes once descended
From the desert forest
For miracle cures

As the sound of a woodpecker
Drills into the silence.