Hashish Bonfire

Hashish bonfire
Guitar string strums
Cascades in the all American dream.
Drifting whirl pool warm Pacific wind
Old man hobbles strapped to
Worm ridden wooden crutch
Picks up discarded Coca-Cola cans
Battles to resurrect the polluted landscape.

Salmon pop up weary heads
For a quick dose of
Radiated fresh air.
Dying in the poisoned environment
Men cease to become men
Destroy the last vestiges
Of planet earth.

Swallows still skate and dance
For a thrill
Criss-cross skyscraper willow reed.
Catch a hint of mid-day sun
Upon glistening red breast.

But I just stand and stare

Sea sun set stoned
Beside a cold grey damp Greek Island castle wall.

Watch the ebbing tide
Simmer beneath a blazing log fire
Caress dancing phantoms
In the retreating dusk.

Poem Extracts

"Watch the graceful flight of a golden eagle,
Fly through the daybreak eye of one’s inner consciousness and
Enter this dream landscape,"

Sketch for the West Highland Way