Down and Out in New York

African patterned headscarf blossom in this sultry riotous heat
Orange seed flowers pump up regal royal vibes
Black power flowing hips
Clenched iced mango tea buttocks sway
Catch that elusive ray of gilded moon beam.

Pork pie hipsters walk in this Indian inked humidity
Alto sax playing in the heart of neon lit charley parker
African jazz bird land Harlem night

Watched through the steel glass tourist bus window as
Jonathan Jackson brother to George
Child fist drums sweet rhythm
Child fist pummels
Beating, tapping
Drum skin
Plated silver aluminium coach
Drumming sweet discord of revolution
Seize the time
Shattering jaded nerves of Newark New Jersey
Airport transit bus
Bringing home pale faced rapidly fading
European memories.

Old world fading, bleached and cracked
Like an ancient arid papyrus parchment
Ground to dust in black power clenched
African robe Olympic game gold medal
Black Panther heroic salute.

Old world fading bring on the new
As jet lagged weary tourists are
 Caught in the twister’s black eye and
Sucked into the melting pot
Of a new world brewing


Down town on the bittersweet and sour streets
Of New York’s East Harlem.

Poem Extracts

"Red wine flows sublimely
Jazz note transcend party haze
Pour another glass."

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