Diamond Nut

Watch silver brown long tailed squirrel observe me with sparkling brown eyes, diamond nut in tight jaw while builder’s banter drifts over the dry end of Summer hedge and two pigeons conduct a mating dance on the brow of the knoll.  Walk this tight rope of elation and despair search for those childhood ghosts and moth eaten teddy bears as those worms which have transcended the night eat into my restless soul spinning out webs of silk from glistening red rose petals.

Shuffle down busy street sidestepping dope dealer’s pit bull and ignore the dog has not eaten recently barbed mutterings thinking maybe I should take a stand, be more assertive on this hung-dog gallow’s humour afternoon.

The mind frozen in invisible fear unable to break free from the phantom of the opera noose strangling all latent bursts of creativity.  Unopened final payment demands thrown carelessly onto the cluttered table, telephone calls unanswered, struggling to survive in this whirling dervish nightmare of incessant negativity.  Welcome to the millennium faded graffiti sprayed on the hunch back battered bleak house wall while a fluorescent camel trails off into the azure void.

Poem Extracts

"Sun dust street reverberate to
Man child beating out fossilized rhythms
In ragged harmony with
Accordion snake skin waist coat
Mexican cowboy vocals."

Rio De Caforce