Broken Dreams – A Poetic Trip to India and Nepal

White sails glow
Surf  luminous sunrise
Thrown up by the spinning potter’s wheel
Casts a glowing red hot iron bulbous streak and
Elastic shadows over this vast oceanic horizon.

I feel like a circus high wire tight rope walker
Brimming with anticipation
An elongated silhouette
Dangling on thin brittle wire.

Safe landing at Mumbai International Airport
Wrapped in a sunlit gold crown of fresh flowered awakening.
Experience an intense baptism of fire
As if I was on a pilgrimage
To drink the holy waters of Lourdes or to
Catch one glimpse of Mecca’s forbidden city
Before retreating for 40 days and for 40 nights
Into remote desert wilderness.

My innermost thoughts surfboard and free wheel
Across mystic Disneyland visions
Cascade over muted sound barriers
While the white sea gull
Acts as a backing track
To the white cliffs of Dover.

Dance with Vera Lynne
In the long green grass
Feel warm gentle breezes
As I reach out to caress
Dry dust drenched mountain ranges.

That was a sample from "Broken Dreams"  Download the full version here

Poem Extracts

"Watch the graceful flight of a golden eagle,
Fly through the daybreak eye of one’s inner consciousness and
Enter this dream landscape,"

Sketch for the West Highland Way