Blue Foot Soldier

Blue foot soldier patrols fragile mean cracked street
Red velvet sleeeeek crack wagon glides silently past
Red bandana outlaw cruises wild frontier
Samples frontline ghetto blaster town
Handing out white encrusted sugar tinted
Lottery cracked dreams.
Weaving a silken web of magical spidery illusions
Creating haunted shattered shadows
Figments of a lost generation.

Red velvet twin peaks sleeeek sunset
Crack wagon train dissolves into John Wayne Hollywood blockbuster
Boulevard sunset shootouts at OK Corrall.
Blue foot soldier walks astride cracked pavement
Shotgun at the ready riddled with green eye monster lassitude.
Gold dust reflections in a silver starred sherriff’s bluest eye,
Crack Cadillac Geronimo general at the wheel
Spinning the latest mobile phone
Animated text crack deal
While surreally gliding along cracked Arcadia Avenue.

Passing revolving door peace piped melodies
Spinning will ‘o’ the wisp
Wild western wild mountain men smoke signals
Fuelling the rattled dawn chorus
Scrabbling like rabbits
For that elusive perfect high.

Crack Cadillac Geronimo general riding the helm
Surfboard in hand waiting for the wave of  a life time,
A power house for white rock stoned spasmodic dream pastures.
Buffalo Bill wild mountain man foot loose and fancy free
Skates on pale blue thin ice paints synthetic patterns
Wrapped in tinsel ribboned Malborough County asthmatic fantasies.


Blue foot soldier silver starred dust jacket torn sleeve,
Patrols fragile swinging bar door and the
Urine stained and cracked mean dead end street,
Sun stroked at high noon, the dedicated hustlers on main street
Huddled in white coated straight jacket hushed deal door way,
Keeping the lid tightly screwed down
Hollywood hustlers sharp baggy suited
Cloistered clusters on main street
Waiting, expecting another frontline
Reggae ghetto uprising.
White coated tin foil plastic pipe dreams
Keeping the lid tightly corked screwed down,
Keeping the lid tightly corked screwed down.
Second rate shop soiled cast offs from the bargain basement
Hair line fractured rejects from the cool Alice
Lost in the looking glass
Melting ice cap global warming fantasy factory
Keeping the lid tightly corked screwed down
Keeping the lid screwed down,
Keeping the lid clenched vein knotted fist
Screwed mirror glass razor edge
Screwed table top down.

Watch the crack pot lottery on hush puppy satellite tv
Scattered crumbs of hope for the tribal nation
Waiting for a touch paper of rejuvenation
Walking on the edge of glittering warped fools gold rainbow
Keeping the id
Keeping the lid tightly hammered down
Police car cruises Arcadia Avenue, engine purring
Through blue glaze glass bloated whiskey red eyes
Super glued to pigeon shit stained side walk.
Helping to keep the lid from melting
Screwing the lid down even tighter
Keeping the front line pressure lid under control
Keeping the lid at the correct temperature control.



Inner city education terminated
Disillusioned youth alienated by hordes of white images
Scrawled casually in black ink.
Black lips sellotaped, black lips stitched up,
Disaffected teenagers straight jacketed
Stuffed with reams of government orchestrated
National curriculum white papers,
Helping to keep the lid firmly screwed down
Helping to keep the people firmly in their place.

The stark sound of crunched cracked leaf hitting Jack Frost pavement

Splitting the atom

Aftermath the chill wind tears at the wrinkled heart of
Cardiac arrest city playground

Blues party night time trippers
Tinsel town ragamuffin ravers
Throbbing to the beat of acid house
Taken into custody incarcerated in pinstriped political think tanks
Waiting in static lines to be processed by computerized
Thought police action men.
Your most personal thoughts sanitized
Your most precious thoughts deodourised
Left out to dry, strung out on bleak suburban washing lines,
Bought in from the cold, ironed, folded,
Left in neat sedated piles beside piles of blank video tapes.
Sci-fi visions beamed up by Captain Kirk and his motley crew
For Sky and MTV satellite terror vision stations.
To be or not to be that is the question
Food for thought for audiences
Scattered around far flung galaxies.

Far out star trek spaceship earth
At the cutting edge of the wild frontier

Blue foot soldier patrols fragile mean cracked streets,
Red velvet sleeeek crack wagon glides silently past.


Poem Extracts

"Dance with Vera Lynne
In the long green grass
Feel warm gentle breezes
As I reach out to caress
Dry dust drenched mountain ranges."

Broken Dreams